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Prayer for the XXIX International Conference of the Sick

Prayer of People with Autism

We thank you Lord because you created us and, as your chosen children,
Because you have protected us against the deceit and lies of the world and
Left in our minds the simplicity of children.

Help us to carry our daily crosses and to accept them as a gift:
When we observe the lives of other people and do not understand why we are here.
When we do not manage to understand the looks we receive and we feel inadequate.
When our silence is seen as indifference, cynicism, wickedness.
When our words and the expressions of our faces are different and for this reason we are seen as engaged in deception.
When we would like to speak but we do not know what to say.
When we are invisible.
When we are derided.
When we are excluded.
To those to whom you have not given speech that they may express all the same their desire for affection.
To those to whom you have granted the gift of expressing themselves that they may have the courage to bear witness.
To those to whom you have given the gift of looking beyond that they may ride other rays of light and gather other fruits for the good of humanity.
To those who have not received the gift of faith that they may understand the limits of pure rationality.

Grant, to those who share with us the journey of life that they may know how to understand our good sides and not look too severely on our limits. Ensure that their comprehension is never shame, because we are not ashamed of what we are.

Do not make our sacrifice vain or vain the sacrifice of those who love us and accompany us on the journey that takes us back to you.



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